Artificial-Grass Turf-Melt Solutions

Installing ‘Tuff Screen’ Prevents Artificial Turf Melt

Turf-melt is commonly caused by sunlight reflected off nearby windows. Reflected sunlight can reach up to 200 degrees, which can burn artificial turf. Turf-melting is solved by installing “Tuff Screen” over sun-facing windows. We provide turf-melting solutions for all homeowners within San Diego County.

‘Tuff Screen’ Benefits

  • Only needed for sun-facing windows
  • Damaging sunlight is reduced up to 80%
  • Fade-resistant Vinyl/Polyester Mesh
  • Screens are removable for window cleaning
  • Frames available in many colors to match home

We’re Ready To Save Your Lawn

If you’re unsure whether Tuff Screen is the right solution for your home, we can help you.

Contact Torpin Screen Company and we’ll ask you a few questions about your home.

We can typically provide you with a same-day quote and we’re happy to answer your questions.