Solar Screens

Solar Screens Reduce Heat & Increase Airflow

Are some rooms in your home hotter than other rooms?

Direct sunlight on windows may be the cause of rooms that are uncomfortably hot.

The solution to a too-hot room is to block some of the light with Sun Tex Solar Screens.

Made in the USA by Pfeifer, these “SunTex” Sun Screens for Windows can absorb and reflect direct sunlight.

Customers report that Sun Tex reduces the temperature of a hot room by an average of 15 degrees.

Window Tinting Doesn’t Cool Rooms

Window tinting will only reduce the amount of light entering a room.

Window tinting does not reduce the amount of heat entering a room.

Window tinting only works on closed windows, which restricts airflow in the room.

Add Window Solar Screens to your home to reduce both light and heat, while also improving airflow to keep your home cooler.

Contact Us & Cool Down Your Rooms

If you’re unsure whether SunTex Solar Screens are right for your home, we can help you.

Contact Torpin Screen Company and we’ll ask you a few questions about your home.

We can typically provide you with a same-day quote and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.